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Medical negligence


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Medical negligence arises when a medical adviser causes injury to a patient as a result of the treatment given or the failure to treat, or treat properly.


It must be established by the patient that the standard of care provided by the medical adviser, fell below the accepted standards of care and practice, within the medical profession and further it must be established that this failure to meet the accepted standards of care and practice, caused the injury/injuries suffered by the patient.


In order to succeed in such actions, it will be necessary to obtain medical reports, which will deal with causation. i.e. how the injuries complained of have come about as a result of the failure to meet the appropriate standards of care and which will also deal with how the patient has been affected by the injuries, which have resulted from the failure to meet the accepted standards of care and practice.

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In contentious matters, a solicitor is prohibited from calculating his fee, or other charge/s, as a percentage or fraction/portion of any assessment, settlement or award.

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