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Employers or employees may require expert legal advice when dealing with an injury compensation claim for an accident which happened in the workplace.


Unfortunately, some people do suffer from injuries which can occur in their workplace. This situation often arises due to the negligence of a third party who may be the employer, or an agent (or employee) of the injured party's employer. In circumstances such as these, the injured party may be entitled to financial compensation.


There are legal obligations placed on an employer under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, which include the obligations to:


  • Provide and keep safe workplaces, safe machinery and equipment
  • Provide proper training and supervision for employees
  • Provide safe protective clothing, equipment, and work colleagues


3 stages to consider


1. You must inform your employers if you have experienced an accident whilst at work in the workplace. Your line manager (or colleague) should seek medical attention immediately before formally reporting and recording the accident. After this you should also consult your own registered medical practitioner to ensure that you get back to health as soon as possible


2. You'll need to consider if you should commence a formal claim for compensation against your employer. Some employees may feel reluctant to start a legal claim for accidents in the workplace for many reasons. These could include anxiety about your position at work and your relationship with colleagues and managers, your desire not to make a fuss, or a fear of losing out on promotion. It's worth remembering that employers should be well insured against accidents at work claims, which takes any worries about a personal element away.


3. Contact a law firm such as Brian McGrane Solicitors who have consistently successful experience in work accident injury claims and will provide the skills required to file a case with a view to you receiving financial compensation.

Brian McGrane Solicitors advises and acts for individuals who have had an accident at work in Dublin


The Irish Statute Book: Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005
Useful Resources
For Employees and Employers:


Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005
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