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Brian McGrane Solicitors offer legal business and commerce expertise for sole proprietors, SMEs and large private and public commercial organisations.


Our legal services include:


  • Business investment law
  • Business funding law
  • Commercial contract law
  • Common commercial agreement law
  • Company formation law
  • Corporate governance law
  • Data protection law
  • Debt collection law
  • Insolvency and liquidation law
  • Intellectual property law
Brian McGrane Solicitors, Dublin for commercial law and business legal advice
Brian McGrane Solicitors, Dublin, Ireland

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Whether you are starting out by forming a small or medium sized business, or already managing a large company or organisation, you may be in need of expert legal advice about commercial or business laws. Brian McGrane Solicitors have experienced business law experts who provide the commercial legal services you require to ensure that you are practicing lawfully and with legal integrity.


We're happy to discuss your queries in the first instance with no obligation.


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