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Defamation takes place when a person’s character or reputation has been damaged in public.


The act of damaging an individual's reputation can be as a result of something said or written in a public forum such as social or written media.


The difference between libel and slander


Prior to the Defamation Act of 2009, a slander action would have been taken in respect of the spoken word. A libel action would have been taken in respect of the written word.


Since the Defamation Act of 2009, both forms of defamation are covered by a defamation action, as provided for under the 2009 Act. A defamatory statement is a statement that reasonable members of society would think damages your reputation, and this is what must be proven at a defamation trial, in order to succeed. A statement is not defamatory if it is true or substantially true.


Social Media


The number of defamation cases in Ireland has considerably increased. The rise of hateful content and bullying on social media platforms is considered to be one of the most significant factors.


Despite increased awareness of the harm done to victims of social media defamation, the problem doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.


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Truth is a good defence in defamation proceedings.

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