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How we work


How to hire a solicitor
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No one really wants to get in touch with a solicitor, until they need one.


It may be that you need some general legal advice about a business problem, or an employment issue, or a personal situation that you're currently facing. Or you may be required to respond to a solicitor's letter concerning a legal issue that has been communicated to you.


Whichever situation you find yourself facing, your first move would be to get in touch with a solicitor to have an initial chat without any obligation. Once you've communicated your issue with one of our solicitors you'll be much better informed to make a decision about how to proceed.


You are welcome to call, email or use our contact form to provide a brief outline of your issue. We can then arrange a return call, or a meeting in person, to find out if we are the right legal advisors and firm of solicitors to help you.


Tel: +353 (01) 2688161


Brian McGrane Solicitors in Dublin, Ireland

The Four Courts in Dublin is the principal seat of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court and the Dublin Circuit Court.

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