McGrane Solicitors are highly experienced when it comes to handling road traffic accident claims for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in Dublin.

Road traffic accidents

Legal representation for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in Dublin

Road Traffic Accidents


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Due to the increasing presence of traffic on Ireland's roads, accidents happen far too often.


If you drive a vehicle, ride a bicycle, or are a pedestrian and have been injured in a road accident - which you believe was caused by someone else - we provide expert legal assistance.


Our solicitors have many years of experience in dealing with road traffic accidents for the plaintiff and also for the defendant and the defending insurance company.


It's worth your while to talk to an expert solicitor from our team. We can assess whether or not we feel you would succeed in recovering compensation for your injuries.


Brian McGrane Solicitors have substantial experience in handling road accidents and motoring offences in Dublin.  They have experience with cyclists, car drivers and pedestrians
Vehicles, Pedestrians and Cyclists


Road traffic accidents in which bicycles are involved are an area of special interest to this practice . Principal solicitor Brian McGrane is a keen cyclist, and as one who cycles to work in the centre of Dublin every day, appreciates the difficulties faced by cyclists on the roads.

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If you have been injured while cycling, as a result of the actions of a car driver, cyclist or pedestrian please contact us to see if we can assist you.



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