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Brian McGrane Solicitors have an excellent reputation for securing the best possible award for clients injured in accidents.


When a person is hurt or injured because of other people's negligence, they are usually entitled to apply for financial compensation. This is where we can help our clients to achieve the best possible outcome.


Our aim is to secure the optimum claim award for our clients, as well as making the whole process straight forward, and without incurring any further additional stress.


The injured party must be able to prove to a Court (should the case go to trial) that the injuries suffered were because of the negligence of the person or company being sued. Just because someone has suffered an injury does not mean that they always have a good and viable personal injuries claim.


If the Court finds that the person's injuries have been caused because of negligence caused by the party being sued, the Court will award compensation for the pain and suffering of the injured party. This award is known as general damages.


The Court will also award what are known as special damages which includes 'out of pocket' expenses incurred by the injured party as a result of the accident. Usually these expenses will include; loss of earnings, hospital bills, doctor’s bills, physio expenses, etc.



In contentious matters, a solicitor is prohibited from calculating his fee, or other charge/s, as a percentage or fraction/portion of any assessment, settlement or award.

Woman awarded €32,000 after being hit by a car on a Dublin main road.

Woman awarded €32,000 after being hit by a car on a Dublin main road.

Dublin solicitor, Brian McGrane was instructed by a client who had been involved in a road traffic accident in Dublin city centre.


A cyclist was riding on a main road in Dublin when a car struck her bicycle from behind, causing her to fall abruptly and hit the ground. On impact, the female cyclist suffered a radial arm fracture, as well as some minor superficial injuries. Thankfully, with medical treatment over time, her shoulder healed well.


At the time of the accident the client didn't manage to obtain the insurance details from the driver of the vehicle and she was unable to trace the vehicle. The client was advised, that in such circumstances, a claim for compensation could be made directly to the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (M.I.B.I.). An application was made to the MIBI on behalf of the client and having complied with its requirements regarding the claim, the MIBI appointed insurers to deal with the claim.


The insurance company appointed by the MIBI sought to arrange settlement talks before the claim was to be submitted to the Personal Injuries Assessment Board. Now known as Injuries Resolution Board.


Brian met with the insurance company’s claims handler at the Four Courts in Dublin for settlement discussions and they made an offer of €20,000.00 - plus expenses incurred - to settle the client’s claim.


Following protracted negotiations, the claim was ultimately settled for €32,000.00 - plus a contribution towards costs. The client was especially pleased, as the settlement meant that there would be no necessity to submit an application to the PIAB, which would have taken much longer to conclude.

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General Litigation Article | Damages


How personal injuries compensation is awarded in the Irish Courts System


By Brain McGrane


May 2024


Dublin solicitor Brian McGrane specialises in personal injuries compensation litigation

Under the Irish Courts system, when a person makes a personal injuries claim successfully, they are entitled to compensation for the injuries which they have suffered and also recovery of their losses and expenses, incurred as a result of having been involved in the incident which caused their injuries. The compensation which is awarded in respect of personal injuries is known as “general damages”. The award made in respect of expenses and losses incurred is in respect of what is known as “special damages”.


Special Damages

Special damages will normally include items such as doctor’s visits, traveling expenses, loss of earnings, physiotherapy expenses, x ray fees, etc.


General Damages

General damages comprise the compensation paid to the injured party for the “pain and suffering” which they have had to endure, as a result of the injuries suffered.

The Personal Injuries Judicial Guidelines has determined that the most devastating and catastrophic of injuries will attract an award of general damages of in, or about, €550,000.00. Effectively, this figure has become the maximum amount of compensation which will be awarded in respect of general damages. This level of damages would be applied in cases where the injured party has suffered catastrophic injuries. When assessing the appropriate level of general damages to be awarded in a case, the Courts effectively work back from this highest point of €550,000.00.


Mr Justice Noonan of the Court of Appeal, made reference to this “ceiling” in a case before it, in September 2023. In that case the High Court awarded €90,000.00 to Ms. Agnieszka Zaganczyk, who sued her employer, after suffering burns and mental injuries, as a result of an exploding oven, which injured her, while she worked in SuperValu. That decision was appealed to the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal held that the appropriate compensation was €60,000.00 for general damages plus the sum of €3,181.90 in respect of special damages.

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